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2 Bigs + 1 Little = Buddy Match


Big Couples

We are always looking for people eager to make a positive impact on a child and improve their community at the same time.

As a Buddy Match through BBBS Lincoln, you and your friend, spouse, or significant other can both become Bigs to one Little Brother in our program. The three of you can do activities all together, and you also have the opportunity to spend time with the Little individually. This is a great option for busy people who would like to make an impact, but may not always have the ability to meet every week.

A Buddy Match is a great opportunity to enjoy time with your friend or partner and still volunteer. Plus, the Little benefits from having two amazing role models.

Ready to get started as a Buddy Match? You can both fill out the online inquiry form and, when our Enrollment Coordinator contacts you, simply let them know you are interested in a Buddy Match. (Please complete one form per person)