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Big Difference - Max & Sylas


Max and Sylas

My name is Max Wesely and I am Big to Sylas through Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln. My entire life I have lived in Lincoln, Nebraska and currently work for Nanonation and have been a member of the BBBSL Board of Directors for close to 4 years now. BBBSL has always been a part of my life starting from my mom being a Big to Bobby when she was in college to me being a Little to Jim years ago when I was in grade school.

Sylas and I have been matched for about 8 months now and hanging out with him is something I look forward to every week. When I was first matched with Sylas I was pretty nervous about getting started. “What is he into?” “Will he like me?” “What are we going to do when we hangout?” Little did I know that those emotions would leave as quickly as they came and spending time with him would be one of the most valuable things I’ve ever experienced.

Sylas is funny, smart, energetic, and loves to laugh just like me. Over these past 8 months we have gotten to experience so many things together from visiting museums, learning how to skip rocks, checking out cars, going to the library and so much more. I’m extremely excited that he is going to be joining a soccer team this spring as I used to coach kids his age so I get to relive those moments again.

Every time we hangout I learn something new about Sylas like his obsession with cars and animals as well as his attention to detail through the different activities that we do. It’s amazing how being 27 you overlook the day to day things like how crazy the clouds can look and why people still have their Christmas lights up in February. Getting to relive the moments I experienced as an 8 year old opens my eyes to enjoying the little things I’d normally take for granted.

The things I have gotten to teach Sylas over these past few months have been matched by the amount of things he has taught me. Always laugh. Always be polite. And always have an excuse to get Yogurtini. I can’t wait to see what the next 8 months will bring!