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Team Highlight - Shawn Ryba

  • What is your role at Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln? What do you do?

As Executive Director, there are a number of roles I play. One of my most important roles is to listen to the community and center on the lived experiences of young people to ensure that we are creating mentoring programs that best support them. I also have the privilege of helping an amazing team who are tirelessly dedicated to supporting young people, their families, and volunteers while providing mentorship opportunities for youth who want to be matched with an adult mentor.

  • What drew you to Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln initially?

I was fortunate to have had the experience of being a Little and later was able to serve as a Big. Having the privilege of serving as executive director, I can bring both of these perspectives in helping to shape and hold the work.

  • What has been your favorite part about working with Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln?

It is hard to pick just one favorite aspect of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln. One of the best parts of the job is when I am out in the community and people tell me the great experience they had as a Little or a Big. I enjoy hearing the stories Littles and Bigs share about their experiences together and how that impacted them. My other favorite part is being a part of creating conditions where relationships are built, connections are made, and young people can step into their own power.

  • Before working at Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln, what was the most interesting job you've ever had?

When I was in college, I worked at Blockbuster Video when movies on VHS tapes were a big deal. I guess we no longer have to worry about late fees or rewinding our videos.

  • What is your favorite hobby?

I very much enjoy travel, but collecting jazz and 80’s vinyl records has become a passion of mine.