Community-Based Mentoring

Changing Lives for the Better, Forever

Our community-based program allows Bigs and your Little to share activities on their own schedule. Matches typically meet up on weekends or evenings for a couple of hours each week. We encourage free or low-cost activities like bike riding, board games, baking or just taking a walk around the Haymarket. 

One of the most important pieces of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lincoln program is that Bigs are able to provide their Littles with a chance to be inspired and try something new. Littles are able to explore new environments and learn skills that they may not have otherwise had an opportunity to experience.

Role models make an impact

Studies show that children who have role models are more likely to improve in school and in their relationships with family and friends, and less likely to skip school or use illegal drugs or alcohol. Students who are successful in school are less likely to drop out, abuse drugs, or commit crimes. 

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