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Enrollment & Match Coordinator
Salaried - Exempt

Position Title: Enrollment & Match Coordinator
Accountability: Reports directly to Executive Director

• Bachelor’s degree required
• Adherence to professional code of ethics and standards of practice
• Must have management and interpersonal skills
• Must be able to manage multiple tasks and projects to meet critical deadlines
• Must have the ability to collect meaningful data and draw solid conclusions, demonstrating ethical decision-making
• Must be able to work independently with a minimum amount of supervision
• Assessment experience with child and adult populations; understanding of family dynamics
• Must have car, valid driver’s license and meet state required automobile insurance minimums

Position Purpose:
The primary function of this position is to ensure that volunteers and children are appropriately enrolled and matched while executing a high degree of independent judgment when utilizing HBBBS standards and practices. A high-level of customer service, focusing on volunteer options and child safety, is to be demonstrated throughout the volunteer and child enrollment and matching process.

Ensure compliance with HBBBS and BBBSA standards of practice
Conduct Client Enrollment:
• Conduct home interview with the child, as well as the parents, using a structured interview and record information using a laptop
• Explain safety information to children and their families
• Document red flags that may pose problems for the eligibility or success of the child
• Create a file for each child and scan all information from the interview into a database management system; manually enter all other relevant information into database
• Obtain paperwork from school regarding child’s classes, grades, absences, and tardiness
• Obtain counseling and/or therapy reports when appropriate
• Approve or deny applicants
• Assess child’s interests using a structured worksheet
Assess volunteer “fit” with BBBS:
• Conduct home interview with the volunteer using a structured interview and record information using a laptop
• Explain safety policies and ensure that safety requirements are met by conducting a house inspection
• Assess eligibility, fit with the program, and safety of the volunteer and the home environment
• Create a file for each volunteer and scan all information from the interview into a database management system
• Obtain appropriate paperwork for applicant (e.g., valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, background check, application fee)
• Obtain counseling and/or therapy reports when appropriate
• Follow-up on references provided by the applicant
• Approve or deny applicants
• Assess volunteer interests and personality using structured worksheets
Establish matches:
• Use management database to organize children based on their compatibility with incoming volunteers
• Work with Match Support Specialists to create matches between Bigs and Littles

Ensure that all volunteers are scheduled for and attend pre-match training prior to being accepted
Insures proper training and integration of new matches
Pass on information regarding the child and volunteer to Match Support Specialists
Attend, and help promote, agency match activities as specified
Participate in trainings and/or continuing education on relevant material for professional development
Meet with Program Staff to discuss any problems with volunteers, children, or families

Research safety issues that may be of concern when visiting the homes of volunteers and children/parents
Update interview questions, reference questionnaires, parent orientation information tools (e.g., booklets, pamphlets, videos), and other worksheets as needed
Assess why matches close by reviewing the volunteer’s and child’s files and discussing the termination with the Match Support Specialist
Support, and collaborate with, other departments, including fundraising and recruitment, to accomplish organization goals
Performs other duties as needed

Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions – including but not limited to the following:
• Routine office environment and customer home environments
• Position may involve travel through the city and southeastern Nebraska
• Work hours and work location flexible to meet customer needs will include evenings and weekends
• Limited reaching, bending, lifting, or stooping

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